We wouldn’t be able to keep doing what we do without YOU, and that’s a fact. We know that one of you being a voice on the ground for us almost always is the reason a new golfer chooses to play SwingThought. 

While we are on a roll giving credit where credit is due, we are making things OFFICIAL with our new ST Affiliate Program. YOU can earn cold hard cash OR SwingThought credit starting right now….here’s how: 

Any golfer (or human really) can sign up to get with the program. New golfers that haven’t played an event with us in the last 6 months can use your personal $50 discount code when they register, and you get $50 for the assist! BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE…

It Keeps on Giving…

If your friend decided to register for a SECOND SwingThought Tournament, then you get another $50 in your pocket. 

So if you one of your golf buddies decides to play SwingThought two times, you get $100. What if ten of your closest pro golf friends play twice? You’re taking home $1,000.

There’s absolutely no limit to what you can earn as a SwingThought affiliate.

Start Earning Now

Having some trouble getting registered? Send us a text at 833-419-0636 and we will help you become an OFFICIAL affiliate!