Frequently Asked Questions

What if I Monday Qualify for an event and I can’t play in my registered ST event?2021-10-29T12:03:57-04:00

SwingThought offers FULL refund, without penalty, for players that qualify for PGA Tour and LPGA Tour umbrella events that overlap our own events.

Within 3 days following the start of the PGA Tour or LPGA Tour umbrella event, a qualified player will receive their full refund.

Check out our Membership benefits to see how qualifying for those same events earns EXTRA support!

How do I pre-register for an event?2021-10-29T12:00:10-04:00

ST is offering the most inclusive opportunity in the country with our no-cost Pre-Registration feature.

When you Pre-Register for an event, your registration deadline moves from 10 days prior to an event, to our registration close date 3 days from the first round.

You’re letting us know you want to compete, which helps us communicate our needs with our hosting venues.

With your help, we support you in extending your full registration, without penalty of late fees! This helps you with your budget, while you help us with ours!

Pre-Registration costs $50 up front. We provide you with a $50 Coupon that you use when you’re ready to register, and we’ll send you a reminder before registration closes.

This coupon expires when your event registration closes and is non refundable, with exceptions only to qualifying for PGA Tour or LPGA Tour umbrella events that overlap our competition.

Pre-Register today for our next event, two events, or even 10 events! Help show our hosting communities and other golfers you’re playing SwingThought and help attract more registrations.

Thank you!

What is an ST Affiliate?2021-10-29T11:45:28-04:00

SwingThought provides an opportunity for anyone, not just golfers, to earn for promoting ST golf tournaments!

Complete our ST Affiliate form and begin earnings $50 for each new golfer that registers and competes in their first ST event. The new golfer also receives $50 for competing!

Also, the cherry on top, if the new players competes in a 2nd event, you receive another $50!

Whether you know one competitive golfer, pro or amateur, or thousands as a digital influencer, become an ST Affiliate and start earning!

Can I use a motorized golf cart?2021-09-01T21:08:36-04:00

The permitted use of motorized carts will be designated on each event’s info page. Carts will not be allowed if an event is deemed a walking event.

Practice rounds permit the use of motorized carts at the expense of the player

Are Shorts allowed?2021-09-01T21:07:54-04:00

Shorts are permitted in all practice rounds, facilities, and competitive rounds, unless other announcements are made due to sponsored events or golf course requirements. 

Are Rangefinders allowed?2021-09-01T21:07:23-04:00

Yes! Rangefinders are allowed at every ST TOUR event

USGA Rules apply – Slope and wind features are not allowed to be used during competition, 

Yardage Books may or may not also be available for purchase. These must also meet USGA Rules of golf

What are ST Points?2021-10-28T23:39:25-04:00

ST Points are earned by any golfer playing in any ST tournament. 

ST Performance Points are earned through made cuts, fueling a new enhanced ST Ranking System.

FIRE and ELITE competitors have a separate ranking leaderboard than REPS competitors and rankings.

Look for opportunities to earn ST Points through participation in events and engagements both digitally and creating content with our team! 

Additional ST Point opportunities may be available to members only, and used for future special events, products, and experiences.

Do I need a membership to play?2021-10-29T00:02:49-04:00

Nope! Everyone can enter at the best prices for the best prizes.

SwingThought is leading the way in providing more access to more golfers to compete and develop by removing the barrier of membership in order to gain access to the best prizes and ROE for all golfers.

You can find mini tours average less than 69% of their non-member entry fee goes towards prizes.

ST delivers 80% with FIRE and 70% with ELITE!

Mini tours with membership tied to “entry discounts” don’t reach an 80% return until a player has played 8 to 10 events! Don’t be fooled by a deceptive high prize % “based on member entry” marketing. Add that membership cost evenly to your event entry fees and see the true payout %.

ST does offer a membership that focuses on providing additional benefits to its members through support and convenience, not discounted entry fees. Find our membership details and learn how we can enhance your journey.

What kind of competition experience can I expect? 2021-10-29T00:11:00-04:00

SwingThought is the number one choice for developmental golf. Ask our ST Affiliates!

Choice Entry delivers multiple entry level costs for any budget to compete and develop in a professional caliber and high level challenge golf experience. 

ST makes every prize available, from 2 to 156 player fields, for player confidence in knowing what they’re capable of earning way before the first ball sails. 

Golfers are in control of generating more access to the game of golf. ST is proud to serve as their vehicle and their tool.

How do I gain entry into a SwingThought (ST) Tournament ?2021-09-01T20:33:52-04:00

ST Tournaments are available to any golfer, amateur or professional, male or female

You can register for events on our website or call +1 (800) 992-8748

What is FIRE Choice Entry?2021-10-29T00:21:31-04:00

FIRE is SwingThought’s top Choice Entry option. With 80% of the $1,000 entry fee going towards your prizes, ST provides you the best ROE and access to prizes to any non-member mini tour entry, by a significant margin. 

FIRE entries also compete against ELITE entries each event, on the same leaderboard. FIRE entries can earn slightly larger prizes than ELITE entries, even though they are in the same competition. ELITE prizes allocate 70% of their entry to their prizes, which is above the average mini tour amount for non-members! 

With more opportunities for all levels of competitors available in one Live Event, Choice Entry provides potential for larger fields, more prizes, and more competition for better competitive rounds.

What is Choice Entry?2021-10-29T00:31:19-04:00

When you compete on SwingThought, you have the advantage. Using Choice Entry, you choose what prizes YOU want to play for, without hoping everyone else does too. 

When you register for an ST tournament, you are competing against all FIRE and ELITE golfers on one leaderboard, or REPS golfers on another leaderboard.

Your Choice Entry determines which prize you earn when you make the cut.

When a player registers, it may help the player to assume all other competitors are registering at the same Choice Entry as they are. This assumption can help a player correlate their entry and prizes just like any developmental tour event. 

ST has published every prize example for every field size for each Choice Entry for your convenience and confidence.

What does ROE stand for and mean?2021-10-29T00:41:20-04:00

ROE = Return on Entry & Experience. ROE explains the relationship between your entry fee (risk) and your prize return (reward).

Return on Entry is the best correlation between a prize earned vs the entry paid to earn that prize. $10,000 from an $1,000 entry is a better return (ROE of 10x) than $10,000 from a $1,100 entry (ROE of 9.09).

Overall, the % amount of one’s entry that gets distributed to the total prize pool is the simplest mean of comparison of all competitors ROE. This is simply determined by the total prizes paid or to be paid divided by the combined entry fees of all competitors, assumed the same entry fee as your own.

Don’t get caught believing “Prize % based on member entry fee pricing.” Members had to pay a hefty fee upfront for access to those discounted entries, and they wont see “Prize %” anywhere close to 80% until they’ve spent nearly $10,000 in those “member discounted entry fees.”

With SwingThought, anyone can have access to 80% ROE in their very first event.

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